Why Choose Discovery One?

We are a family owned business with many years of experience in the tourism industry. Our aim is to provide the best value for money cruises in the Kimberley and to keep them as affordable as possible for the average person. We have been successfully doing this for close to 15 years. This is confirmed by the number of past passengers who return to cruise with us, and the number of bookings we receive from our passengers’ recommendations. In any given year at least half of our bookings come from these recommendations! This not only says a lot about our cruises, it also enables us to keep our costs down by not requiring Travel Agents to sell on our behalf.

We show you the Kimberley Coast in a way that is up close and personal, and take you to all the well-known sites, such as the Horizontal Falls and Montgomery Reef, as well as special places we have discovered during our many years of cruising this spectacular coastline. You can expect to see amazing landscapes, tidal phenomena, ancient rock art, geological wonders, magnificent waterfalls, stunning sunsets, picturesque rock pools, towering red gorges, serene harbours, secret beaches, diverse wildlife, Aboriginal art, European history and much, much more.

We believe that ‘Smaller’ is ‘Bigger’!

We carry only 22 passengers which makes the experience on our smaller catamaran much more personal than a typical larger boat or ship cruise can offer. This brings new, exciting and unexpected opportunities and experiences as we are able to take you off the beaten path without the strict regimen of larger vessels. For example, if we spot a crocodile, whale or any other interesting wildlife or natural phenomena, we nudge closer to give you a better view. Our Captain has the flexibility, and the inclination, to linger when nature is putting on a show or to deviate his course to take you somewhere not on the itinerary. His aim is to take advantage of the moment and thereby give you a bigger enjoyment of the cruise experience.

A smaller vessel also means a cruise which is more comfortable, relaxed, friendly and casual. After just a few days of cruising most of our guests will be on an intimate, first name basis with both crew and other guests — all of whom share a passion for travel, adventure and learning. With a professional, yet family-like atmosphere aboard, our personal approach creates bigger enjoyment and will quickly become a valued part of your holiday experience.

It also enables us to avoid travelling at night, ensuring that you get a peaceful night’s sleep without missing any of the magnificent scenery. Other vessels travel at night and stop in the morning, often missing some of the best sights along the coast. The Kimberley has so much to offer and we don’t want you to miss a moment of it!

Lastly, and very importantly, ‘smaller’ means that we can all enjoy the unique unspoilt wilderness of the Kimberley while leaving the smallest impact on the environment, thereby ensuring the future of this remarkable region. Unforgettable natural beauty and an intriguing sense of history reveal themselves in-depth on our cruises, so that your experience will become a bigger journey of discovery than you probably expected, and will be filled with moments you’ll treasure forever.

Value for Money

Our cruises are either 12, 13 or 14 days of adventure on the Kimberley Coast and we pack in as much as possible with up to three excursions a day.

In addition, we ‘package’ our cruises with land-based accommodation and transfers, including buses, light planes, helicopters and seaplanes, depending on the cruise you choose. We even include a commercial flight between Darwin and Kununurra if you choose one of our 14 day cruises. These are all included in the price and mean that there is simply no better value cruise in the Kimberley.

Comfy Cabins

Our air-conditioned cabins are basic but comfortable, as one would expect on a boat, and are designed to ensure that you sleep well with no interruptions, especially as there are no motors running at night! Our accommodation is all the one standard so there is no variance in price, making us a very egalitarian cruise. Each cabin has a 240V power point for your convenience.

Spectacular Scenery

Discovery One has plenty of deck space for all of our 22 passengers, including a large observation deck with 360-degree views, an eight-person spa, chairs, tables and sun-lounges. This top deck is entirely for our passengers’ enjoyment and is the place to relax while we travel. There is simply no better way to view the passing scenery!


Our safe and modern purpose built tenders are perfect for our on shore excursions as we can take all our passengers at the same time, thus avoiding the need to wait for your turn. This means that we can often fit a couple of excursions into a day, taking you to more places than would otherwise be possible. Our Captain’s knowledge of the Kimberley is profound, and he is always discovering new places of interest. Consequently, we don’t list everything in our itineraries as we like to keep some surprises up our sleeve if time and tides allow!


We look after you from the time you book until your cruise is completed. If you need help booking flights or want extra accommodation organised you only have to ask. On board, the Hostesses are there to help at any time and will clean your cabin, change linen and provide clean towels upon request. They will also do any laundry for you, free of charge, and return it to you the same day!


Our Cook is an expert at catering for a group and manages to produce fresh and appetising food at every meal, even for those with particular dietary requirements. There is plenty to choose from and her desserts and morning teas are a speciality.

Ecotourism Accredited

Our cruises are Ecotourism accredited and this is very important to us. We firmly believe that responsible tourism is the best friend of conservation, so the more people who can see this pristine and beautiful wilderness, the more chance there is to ensure public support for its ongoing preservation. The coastline is rich in natural and aboriginal history and is probably one of the last true wilderness areas left in the world. The old adage of leaving nothing but footprints and taking nothing but photographs applies to our cruises.

Supporting Our Local Communities

Although we are only in the Kimberley through the Dry Season we have a strong belief in community and being good corporate citizens. We operate our cruises out of Derby and assist the local economy by purchasing our supplies and services locally as much as possible. Apart from this, there are times we have needed help from the Derby community and they have always been willing to step up and provide that assistance. Consequently, we like to give back via donations to the Royal Flying Doctor Service, the Derby Volunteer Marine Rescue Group, the children’s wing of the Derby Hospital and the Derby Cub and Scout Group. We also allocate 5 or 6 cabins on our cruises annually to charity groups for raffles and auctions.

Discovery One Community
Our Captain making a donation to the Royal Flying Doctor Service in Derby, WA.

Aboard Discovery One we have a dedicated crew, most of whom have been with us for many years. Our Captain Lennie has been with us almost from the start and has developed a profound love, knowledge and understanding of the Kimberley that quickly becomes apparent to every passenger. There is no better person to show you the Kimberley coast. He will share his ‘secret’ places with you that he has discovered during his many years cruising this beautiful coastline.