Our Crew

Aboard Discovery One we have a dedicated crew, most of who have been with us for many years.

Captain Lennie has been with Discovery One for over 12 years and never tires of showing passengers the Kimberley that he loves. He is always looking for new places, and hidden gems to share with our guests, to keep every cruise unique.

Discovery One gets so many repeat passengers every season, it’s something special to be able to take them to new sites, and show them new sights!! His affinity for the culture and art of the Traditional Owners shows through in his respect for the places he visits.

Lennie grew up in the Pilbara and has a deep love and understanding of the vagaries of remote locations.

Captain Lennie
Captain Lennie
Tamra and The Crew of Discovery One
Tamra on the bottom right and The Crew of Discovery One

Tamra is our very capable Cruise Director and has worked with Discovery One since 2013. She is passionate about customer service and hospitality and making sure that passengers have an enjoyable and memorable cruising experience. She also looks after all the administration jobs on-board so that every cruise runs as smoothly as possible. She spent 30 years in the Retail Industry before the sea change of getting on board Discovery One.

What an office!! The ever changing scenery of the stunning Kimberley and the unique personalities that make up our guest lists keep the job more than just a job; she regards it as a lifestyle to be envied.

Tamra grew up in Adelaide and now house-sits around Australia for the five months of the off season when she’s not cruising.

PS: Tamra often goes through a box of tissues when saying good-bye to guests at the end of a cruise!

Tracy has been our marvellous cook, on and off, over the past 12 years. After a couple of years break we were delighted to have her back in 2016.

Tracy’s ability to produce beautiful, fresh and appetising meals for 28 people, twice a day, astounds most of our passengers who have nothing but praise for her culinary skills. She is especially famous for her mouth-watering morning teas and desserts and can cater for any dietary requirement.

The only complaints we ever hear regarding her cooking are about extra kilos added to waistlines, so be warned!

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Tracy is a mysterious, nocturnal creature as she usually only appears in the evenings when she relaxes on the top deck under the stars after a very busy day down in the galley!

Discovery One Crew
Tracy, Melissa and a young crew member at the Bar on Discovery One.

Melissa was a familiar face around Broome for many years, working in the hospitality industry, before we managed to persuade her to become our House Keeper on Discovery One! It didn’t take a lot of persuasion to talk her into the job! Mel’s easy, happy and friendly personality makes her very popular with all the crew and passengers and her focus on service is exemplary. She works hard to keep passengers comfortable and to look after everyone’s needs. Mel loves to travel during the off season and has a special interest in health and nutrition.