Only accessible by boat, Montgomery Reef is located in the one of the most biologically significant regions in the world, Camden Sound Marine Park (also known as Lalang-garram).

Lalang-garram / Camden Sound Marine Park is the most important humpback whale nursery in the southern hemisphere. It features spectacular coastal scenery and Montgomery Reef provides an incredible spectacle at low tide as it’s home to the world’s largest inshore reef.

Montgomery Reef, between Camden Sound and Collier Bay, is a particularly outstanding, biologically diverse coral reef covering some 300 square kilometres. Montgomery Reef is remarkable for its diversity of marine life, as well as the tidal changes – often over eight metres (some of the biggest tidal changes on Earth) – that create this spellbinding spectacle.

Montgomery Reef

The spectacle of the massive Montgomery Reef emerging from the sea at low tide, the water cascading from the reef top, and the abundant wildlife that is regularly observed, is a truly amazing sight. When the tide falls, the coral reef appears to rise from the ocean in a torrent of cascading water and a plethora of marine life makes its escape – The Marine Park is home to six species of threatened marine turtles, Australian snubfin and Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins, dugongs, saltwater crocodiles and several species of sawfish.