Kimberley Region is World’s Top 10!

Lonely Planet has rated the Kimberley region number 2 in its Best in Travel 2014 – top 10 regions… we disagree… it should be #1!

“The Kimberley is one of the most sparsely populated regions on the planet and one of the most starkly beautiful, carved by giant gorges, dimpled with deep, cool pools, and home to a coastline that could make Australian east-coasters weep. It’s also a region where Aboriginal culture rubs shoulders with exotic Asian influences, the rich come to spend their millions on world-class pearls, and celebrities fly in for a luxurious sojourn in the vast open spaces. For travellers, it’s always been a difficult nut to crack: croc-infested, almost impossible to travel around without a 4WD, and mostly inaccessible during the wet season (November to March). Yet the rewards are many. Explore the area now, before big business encroaches further.

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