Kimberley Cruises – Size is everything

One of the questions we get asked about Kimberley cruises is ‘what’s the advantage of your cruise over bigger boats?’

Simple, our cruise is friendly and more personal!

Our Captain has been taking visitors to the Kimberley for more than ten years. He knows the best places to visit and right time of day to be there given the tides and available light. We choose our destinations for each cruise to give you the best experience possible, with a flexible itinerary.

Unlike larger vessels, Discovery One has a shallow draft so we’re able to take you up close to places other boats can’t reach. We have the capacity to carry more fuel than similar sized vessels and can travel further and explore more places over a longer period of time. This means we avoid travelling at night so you get a good night’s sleep without missing any of the incredible scenery. The Kimberley has so much to offer and we don’t want you to miss a moment of it!

We also carry a maximum capacity of 22 passengers and 6 crew and after just a few days our guests are on a friendly, first name basis with everyone on board. All aboard will share a common passion for travel, adventure and a desire to see this remote and unbelievably beautiful part of Australia.

Our cabins are comfortable, individually air conditioned and quiet. Discovery One has plenty of deck space for all our passengers, including a large observation deck with 360-degree views, a spa and sun lounges. You’ll also find our modern purpose built tenders are perfect for on shore excursions with no waiting required.

Discovery One has established an enviable reputation as the friendly, authentic Kimberley cruise boat.

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