“In the north-west of Australia is the remote and fascinating region of the Kimberley. It has a jagged coastline with many inlets that reach deep inland. The tide sweeps into them with amazing speed and ferocity,” chimes the familiar voice of David Attenborough in the 2002 BBC documentary Great Natural Wonders of the World.

“Talbot Bay forms part of one of the larger inlets,” Attenborough continues. “The inland exit of the bay narrows to 20ft at water level, funnelling the tide as it ebbs and flows. It’s this twice daily event that makes Talbot Bay Australia’s most unusual natural wonder” he exclaims.

There are two horizontal waterfalls in the World, and they are both located in Western Australia in Talbot Bay in the Kimberley.

Horizontal Falls

Lennie Laughton, the Captain of Discovery One, takes every cruise group to Horizontal Falls. He gauges the tides and plans each visit to arrive at Horizontal Falls with maximum tidal change to ensure your experience at Horizontal Falls is optimised.

There is an optional speedy boat ride through the Horizontal Falls for those that are seeking extra thrills…highly recommended. The Captain makes these arrangements for our passengers once onboard Discovery One.



2002 BBC documentary Great Natural Wonders of the World.